Everyone is welcome to wear their costume!
Group selfies encouraged

For time:
50 scary box jumps
50 zombie V-ups
50 tortuous walking lunges per leg
50 horrifying ab mat situps
50 creepy step ups per leg
50 spooky leg raises
50 monstrous double unders

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For Time:
1,000M Row
Left Arm Kettlebell Strict Press
Right Arm Kettlebell Strict Press
Left Arm Kettlebell Rows
Right Arm Kettlebell Rows
30 Burpees

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Ring Dips

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10 wall ball
200 meter run

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We wanted to Congratulate all of our athletes from yesterday’s Phoenix Throwdown competition. We are so incredibly proud of all of you. You all trained hard, and took on the challenge of not knowing which event you would have to do until the last second and did your absolute best at everything! On Saturday in the Men’s RX division “Dirty” Ben Johnson took 15th overall out of 70 athletes, O…n Sunday Coach Anne took 4th in the Women’s Masters division and Team CrossFit Surprise with “BadAsh” Ashley Umphress, Aaron Umpress, Jeremy Walker and Jolene Westerling tied for 4th with East Valley CrossFit (but took home the 5th place trophy because of where their name fell on the announcers list) in the Team Scaled division. We are proud to share 4th place with East Valley CrossFit and were so excited to finish in the top 5 we are all super proud of that 5th place trophy! And to Haley Haltmar who after running the obstacle course (15 times) against some tough competitors (Tony McClure, Brian Wiest, & Katie Hogan) finished in 3rd place overall winning $500! Great job to all our athletes – Kaleigh Rhodes, Jessica “JRabb” Mendez, Paul Huskey, John Grimaldi (and his lovely wife Jennifer who was a judge) Jenn McClure, Christina Keenan, JD Dorrance, and Shane Seymore.THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support all our athletes! We love our CrossFit Surprise family!

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Lurong Paleo Challenge WOD #7
7 minute AMRAP
6 Handstand Pushups
8 Kettle bell swings
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

**If you are registered for the challenge, please review the different level standards and videos**

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For time:
Plate Ground to Overhead 25-20-15-10-5
Ab Mat Situp                      50-40-30-20-10
Double Unders                   75-60-45-30-15

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Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

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1st Minute 5 Deadlifts @ 70% of 1rm
2nd Minute 10 V-ups

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2 Rounds, each for time:
500m Row
5 Strict Shoulder Press
10 Pushpress
15 Power Jerks or Split Jerks
-Rest as needed between rounds.

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